Top Features of Big V Telecom Reviews Which helps Business to Stay Ahead

Every organization need the gateway to handle their communication with the clients on day-to-day basis. The Reviews of Big V Telecom YOCC- Your Own Calls Center takes care of all the basic need of the client business communication through the virtual support number.

It is a cloud based system which stores all the data and response to the calls and missed calls. The Big V Telecom Complaints system is the multi-purpose solution which addresses and serves the most functions of the manual operations. The Big V Telecom Review system also receives messages, takes calls and supports voice calls and also send message whenever required.

Checkout the features of Big V Telecom Complaints and Reviews system which your company may enjoy:

  • Generates Database – It allows you to browse the system for all the data recorded. One can check the communication of entire day, month or week. One can have the detailed list of callers as well. Senior authority can check such information like from which place they receive the call, number of times the caller tried to reach, what kind of complaint logged or shred the feedback etc. This data helps to analyze the parameters such as customer loyalty, communication quality and business reputation.
  • Call Transferring – The system also supports the smart call transfer option as it allows the users to direct the phone calls from the precise number to reach other number. The call can be transferred to any number either the Mobile or landline and can be located anywhere round the globe.
    Calls can be safely redirected automatically without any disturbance.
  • Call Loads handling – Unlike the old method of telephony which keeps the caller on Hold for long time, the Big V Telecom reviews system is capable of handling multiple calls simultaneously. It can auto answer the call so no call go unanswered.
  • Blacklisting – This system allows you to choose the callers, if any spam caller bothers you with the useless sales pitches or advertising, you can enter the number in the Big V Telecom complaint system blacklist and it will directly decline the communication from their end.
  • Sticky Agent – This system keeps the track of all the callers. If any caller calls back again, the system ensures the call get transferred to the same representative with the consumer had conversation with before. This feature of Big V Telecom complaints & reviews system helps in building the relationship with the customer and also offers the quick response.

The Big V telecom Reviews and Complaints is the best feature to add in the office infrastructure. The most effective of business communication. The system allows to connect at multiple location without any barrier with a single number at no extra add on in the infrastructure set up. To know more, click:, for more details.

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