6 Quick Tips about Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews

Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews opens up the window for the customers to reach for their reviews and complaints. With the reviews of Big V Telecom the customers can connect 24/7 from all the locations, they know that you are just the phone call away.

The Big V Telecom Review flagship product YOCC: Your Own Calls’ Center is one of the best products for the businesses to set up the cloud-center to give the consumers a platform to voice their feedbacks, reviews and grievances.

The Big V reviews YOCC is the integrated system which take cares of all the advanced as well as basic requirements of client communication through the virtual phone number.

Let’s check out quick tips about the Big V Telecom reviews:

  • Supports Virtual Number

The dedicated franchise supports the single virtual number in unifying the various departments and employees under one roof. With the single number customers will no longer have to juggle between the departments with various other numbers until they reach the right one. The IVRS system guides the customers through out to reach the right person.

  • Database Generation

The system allows the authority to browse through all the data which is recoded by the system from the communication of an entire day, week or the month. One can check all the details of the callers.
The system also allows the authority to check the details like when the call has been made, the number of times the callers has tried to reach you, kind of feedback or complaint etc.

  • Multiple Call-Handling

The dedicated system allows to handle multiple calls simultaneously. This solves the major technical issues of congestion line and customers will not find the line busy with the Big V Telecom Reviews. As this system welcomes the customers simultaneously.

  • Customer Call Transfer

Now a days, employees crave for mobility, it won’t be possible with the traditional telephony system. As the modern system allows the mobility. With the reviews of Big V Telecom now you can have both- the great customer service and employees can also have freedom as it allows to transfer the calls which are unanswered at their desk to the different landline or mobile of employees.

  • Spammer’s Blacklist

Big V reviews offers the service of choosing the callers. If you have the spam caller and its bothering your useless sales or any other pitches, you can simply enter the number in the system blacklist will automatically decline the communication attempted from their end.

  • Unification of IVR with SMS

Neither the IVR nor SMS sis sufficient alone for the communication process. Hence, one can choose both the approach of IVR & SMS for beneficial communication. Reviews and Grievance of Big V Telecom system initiate both an automated call and shoot the SMS in response to communication or system is programmed to send out the message. If the customer respond, then the call can be initiated for direct communication.

The Big V Telecom Reviews is the great addition in the business infrastructure. It helps to make the communication process east and more effective.

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