Reviews That You And Your Franchisee Need to Know About Big V Telecom

There are many things one has to keep in mind when looking for telecom solution provider. The telecom company should not only provide tailor made services for your business but also understand how your operations work in a more natural and efficient way.

Big V Telecom complaints and review service is designed to do exactly what you expect it to do and a little bit more. Because Big V Telecom works diligently to support your business as a partner rather than a hired service. Here are key points about Big V Telecom that you need to know.


Big V telecom consumers complaints service helps the clients to record all the consumer complaints in real time allowing the businesses to keep a track of their customers. This also helps the organisations and companies to connect well with their customers and solve their issues at a faster rate.

Apart from providing a real time in recording complaints and reviews, Big V Telecom also makes charging their clients transparent by making it real time as well. With rates and charges formulated in real time, Big V telecom is able to manage client accounts in an effective manner. This means clients can be assured that subscription management, prepaid accounts, and billing are clear and well managed. Everything happens within the stipulated time frame.

Network Planning and System Designing

This process is commonly known as provisioning. It is an essential point as it facilitates the delivery of reliability in their services and satisfies their customers at a deeper level. Big V Telecom’s cloud telephony services provides detailed call analytics that helps businesses in expertly building proper plans and strategies to help their clients in a better manner.

Records and Research

It is important for every business to knows their customers. It helps them in two ways. Firstly, Big V Telecom consumer complaints help the businesses to know what the customers think about the products and service. Secondly, it also allows businesses to conduct a research about what customers want with the help of voice recordings of every customer call.

Bulk SMS Services

The unique Big V telecom franchise review system also allows the use of bulk SMS to intimate updates to all the franchisees at one time. But you will have to keep your database updated to be ready to send both static and dynamic SMS. You can easily preload the SMS content and schedule the SMS as per your requirements.

A Virtual Contact Centre

Having a franchisee network is not easy but maintaining it is even more difficult. But thanks to dedicated hotline offered by Big V Telecom, you can not only open the channels of communication with in the franchisee network but also build faith. When it comes to franchise partners, trust and reliability are very important as they are investing their hard earned money. By building a strong connectivity, Big V Telecom strengthens the core communication channel.

Big V telecom franchise review is one of its kind service that allows you to gain total control over your network while nourishing it with trust and faith. These effective services will support your growth by boosting communication through your network.