Big V Telecom Consumer Complaints System For Business Using Cloud Telephony

In today’s era, where everything is dependent on the customer satisfaction and the feedback and the consumers complaint or feedback for the business is the mixed feeling. Sometimes, these reviews may make or break situations for them, especially when they are posted in the public platforms or forums.

As a result, it is necessary that due importance to be given to the consumers’ opinions.

An effective and immediate solution to such problems is the deployment of affordable and intelligent cloud contact centers for the consumers to access.

Big V Telecom Complaints Solutions System

The complaint of Big V Telecom product YOCC- Your Own Call Center is one of the innovative products for the businesses to set up cloud contact centers to give consumers a platform to raise their opinions, company reviews and feedback.

The Big V Complaints system largely solves the problem of staying connected with the clients without draining a huge part of assets on it.

Here are the reasons why Big V Telecom complaints system for your business:

  • One Single Number for all the clients/customers: YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Center excels in merging various locations, departments and employees under one single number. With the help of YOCC, customers don’t have to juggle up between the departments with the different numbers till they reach the right one.
  • Multiple call handling simultaneously: One technical issue during an outbreak of common problem is line congestions. Customers call and sometimes find the busy line. But, the Big V Telecom complaint review system cannot welcome multiple customers simultaneously, but it can guide the customer to record their voice complaints along with the automated ticket generation as well as allows them to check backs on their resolution status.
  • Call Routing: Business often need to transfer the calls based on talent or department or other that can influence in the best ways to provide customer service to a caller. Big V Telecom system allows you to customize your call routing patterns. And yes, you can even choose a random format.
  • Smart Customer Call Transfer: When the customer calls raise to voice mails, it’s not the good sign for the business. At the same time, now- a days, employees crave for mobility. But now with the Big V Telecom system you can have both – great customer service and give your employees the freedom with the complaints of Big V Telecom management device, which allows any call that are unanswered at the employees desk to be transferred to a different landline or even on their mobile phones.

Single agent for quick issue resolution: The major & common issues which customer face is explaining their problem to a new executive every time they call. Sure, Some firms do maintain the brief log of what are the basic problem, but they are not nearly enough to ensure the smooth customer service calls and adds to their agitation. To resolve this, The Big V Telecom complaint system offers the special call routing pattern where the repeated customer call is routed to the same agent they last spoke to.

Big V Telecom

In the light of this disclosure, it is obvious that Big V Telecom service can benefit your business in more than just one way. It requires no infrastructural investment and service comes for an unbelievably smart cost.