Bizarre Truth about Complaints of Big V Telecom that Sounds Too Good to Believe

If you have searched about Big V telecom, you might have come across reviews. As it is with reviews, some are good reviews, some are suggestions and some are Big V complaints. Big V welcomes all because they know that there might some misconception that can be washed off with the truth. Talking about truth, it brings the whole article to its core – truth behind Big V telecom complaints. While there are some genuine suggestions that are constructive and help in betterment others seem to be misconceptions. The misconception about new ideas is not new. Thus, given below are some true facts about Big V telecom that might sound too good to be real but they are. Let’s go directly into the truths without much discussion and clear out some wide-spread baseless misconceptions.

Truth #1: Efficient Than Telecalling and Online Desk Solutions

Now, this statement in itself sounds bizarre to many. It is quite natural. Traditional telecalling and online desk solutions are being used from a long time and businesses using it have got used to it. Thinking of a better solution might seem bizarre to these businesses. But then all new ideas do face some resistance. Big V telecom has introduced an innovative technique by incorporating technology to automate the voice- based solution to build a strong customer care system through virtual infrastructure. There are no staffs involved. Thus, customers do not have to call and explain their issues over and over again. They get 24/7 service without any harassment. Customer registers their complaints on the virtual system and the company representative reaches them.

Truth #2: Faster Problem-Solving and Greater Customer Satisfaction

Businesses do not have to use their resources on hiring and maintaining staff to take calls from customers. Sometimes the businesses have to hire for different shifts. But this does not help in faster problem-solving. Instead, too many people cause delay and the patience of customer is tested. It is a harassing experience for customers trying to reach out to the company. What truth complaints of Big V Telecom will not tell you is that they reduce the time of response by taking the complaints directly to the company and the company reaching out the customers rather than customer struggling to get solutions. This results in better problem-solving at a faster pace. Thus, building the trust of customers and enhancing their experience.

Truth #3: Strong Customer Care that is Easy to Maintain and Cost Effective

Yes, this is true. Effective solutions offered by Big V Telecom offer flexible experience, upgrade mobility and give the customer a 24/7 access. But businesses do not have to spend a fortune of this system. The virtual system reduces the need for staffing, technology improves services and the brand value of the business also enhances. The services are also customization to fit the unique needs of the business. Thus, the reasonable rate fetch value for every penny invested.

Big V Telecom keeps in contact with their client helping them to make the best use of their solutions and advising all along the process. They work as partners in growth.

The Most Shocking Revelation about Big V Telecom Complaint and Reviews

There are many reviews and talks going around about Big V telecom. When you are one of the pioneers, having myths and misconceptions about you is common. But have all the true facts been revealed about the pioneer in the telecom industry, Big V telecom? Here are some of the shocking revelations about Big V telecom ever made:

Pioneer of Innovative Technology

The first company to be incubated by TATA ELXSI, Big V telecom has a futuristic vision that is new in the telecom industry in India. With a vision of providing affordable customer care support system and call centres to SMEs, government bodies, NGOs, and corporates, Big V telecom review system uses latest technology to improve efficiency. With the diligent use of technology, Big V Telecom review and complaint system provides a more result oriented, customer focused, technology-based and affordable voice-based solutions. This initiative was appreciated and supported by none other than TATA ELXSI.

A Perfect Combination of Technology with Human Intelligence

When the world is moving towards a technologically advanced future, limit the voice-based solutions and customer care will be damaging for business both for the quality of service and cost. With technology factor on the play, the need to hire staffing for different shits is reduced. This helps businesses to bring down the cost. Automation of the customer care process, use of technology and removal of middle link proves to be beneficial for the small and medium enterprises. Adding technology makes the Big V Telecom franchise review system and customer complaint solutions simple, dependable and efficient. It also allows customization of services. As the customers can register their complaints and reviews on the virtual system and company reaches them with the solutions. The process is not only faster but it also helps in bridging the gap between the customer and company. A healthy connection between a company and its customers helps in strengthening the foundations of the company. It builds the brand.

Easy and Adaptable Solutions

Many companies, especially the SMEs, have a concern that if they use new technology and do not go for traditional methods, they will face hindrance in adapting to the change. There are reviews of Big V Telecom mention this concern. It can seem quite obvious to choose the methods that have been used for years by everyone. But the change is necessary to get better and achieve growth. Big V telecom has designed the solutions to be meet the needs to businesses yet simple at the same time. The whole infrastructure is strategically planned and customised to facilitate easy implementation and adaptability.

Shhhh! Costs are a Secret

Do you know that you can cut down your costs with Big V telecom? The customer care solutions by Big V telecom will take care of all the complaint and reviews by attending and recording them and then send the problems to the right executive of the company for a solution. Not only the solution is provided faster and the customer gets satisfied but the cost is reduced. With no requirement of staff and Big V telecom rates, savings possible.

Top Features of Big V Telecom Reviews Which helps Business to Stay Ahead

Every organization need the gateway to handle their communication with the clients on day-to-day basis. The Reviews of Big V Telecom YOCC- Your Own Calls Center takes care of all the basic need of the client business communication through the virtual support number.

It is a cloud based system which stores all the data and response to the calls and missed calls. The Big V Telecom Complaints system is the multi-purpose solution which addresses and serves the most functions of the manual operations. The Big V Telecom Review system also receives messages, takes calls and supports voice calls and also send message whenever required.

Checkout the features of Big V Telecom Complaints and Reviews system which your company may enjoy:

  • Generates Database – It allows you to browse the system for all the data recorded. One can check the communication of entire day, month or week. One can have the detailed list of callers as well. Senior authority can check such information like from which place they receive the call, number of times the caller tried to reach, what kind of complaint logged or shred the feedback etc. This data helps to analyze the parameters such as customer loyalty, communication quality and business reputation.
  • Call Transferring – The system also supports the smart call transfer option as it allows the users to direct the phone calls from the precise number to reach other number. The call can be transferred to any number either the Mobile or landline and can be located anywhere round the globe.
    Calls can be safely redirected automatically without any disturbance.
  • Call Loads handling – Unlike the old method of telephony which keeps the caller on Hold for long time, the Big V Telecom reviews system is capable of handling multiple calls simultaneously. It can auto answer the call so no call go unanswered.
  • Blacklisting – This system allows you to choose the callers, if any spam caller bothers you with the useless sales pitches or advertising, you can enter the number in the Big V Telecom complaint system blacklist and it will directly decline the communication from their end.
  • Sticky Agent – This system keeps the track of all the callers. If any caller calls back again, the system ensures the call get transferred to the same representative with the consumer had conversation with before. This feature of Big V Telecom complaints & reviews system helps in building the relationship with the customer and also offers the quick response.

The Big V telecom Reviews and Complaints is the best feature to add in the office infrastructure. The most effective of business communication. The system allows to connect at multiple location without any barrier with a single number at no extra add on in the infrastructure set up. To know more, click:, for more details.

Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews & Complaints- Available 24/7 without Manual Monitoring

Generating the lead and converting the potential customer is always the part of businesses. But this process must not ends here. This task of achieving this goal should change that customer into the loyal client.

Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews has bought the solution of Hosted Telephony service. The hosted call center is known for incorporating all the communication services into the single unit. It ensures that all business can manage the communication process effectively. The virtual call center is most cost effective.

Cloud Telephony solution by Big V Telecom Complaints management system is affordable and customized call solution so that businesses can successfully manage their operations and can overcome the hurdles which the business face in interacting with the clients as well as employees located geographically.

Cloud Telephony manages critical issues and downtime

Complaints of Big V Telecom management system supports 24x7x365 unlike the old traditional support which is not available 24/7. This system automatically monitors all the details and can also raise an alert notification. If system receives any missed call, automatically the system sends the notification to the authority.

With the Cloud Telephony, there is no downtime. Businesses are free to locate from one location to another without any disturbance. So this Cloud-Telephony doesn’t face any down-time.

Creates Professional Image

As this cloud telephony system supports Single Virtual Number and it portray your business professional identity. All the customers are welcome with the pre-recorded message and the customers queries are addressed instantly. This single number also avoid all the confusion level among the customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Although businesses weren’t available for 24 hours, but with the Cloud Telephony businesses can stay awake 24×7. The Cloud Telephony system ensures that business don’t lose any single business enquiries. If agent is available the system itself guides the customer through the IVRs system which guides the customer to record their concern or any reviews. The system also gives the automated token number to the clients to check back the status on their issues.

Employees Productivity

Cloud Telephony allows the employees to work from anywhere. As this YOCC system supports all types of Mobile phones as well landline. So this gives the employees the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. This also ensures that dedicated employees made the efficient use of their time. This helps the business in increasing the productivity.

Effective Lead Management

With the Cloud Based network, you can track all the numbers and also can check the all the marketing channels leads and can also on media Channel Company is spending and what amount. And, calling back to the potential customer helps to get more leads and also helps in enhancing the business.

Cloud Telephony helps to track calls from the different channels and helps in utilizing the limited resource and involves no infrastructural set-up. To know more about virtual telephony, visit:

Bolster Your Marketing Strategies with the Big V Telecom Complaints

You may not know this already, and its okay, but a multi-purpose telephone service can be a good boost to your marketing initiatives. In fact, it can bring down your company’s marketing expenses all the while spinning out a positive brand image. The Big V Telecom franchise reviews system is a great way to leverage your marketing efforts while easing off the exorbitant expenses to a doable level. Well, but don’t take my word for it. It intends to go deeper into the subject so you have enough proof to acknowledge it. For those who don’t know it, the Big V Telecom reviews is a cloud-based telephone service that hosts all the features and functions of a call center in a fully-automated digital system.

Now that you know it, let’s talk about how the reviews of Big V Telecom helps businesses market their products and brands, and how it shrinks your business’s marketing costs to a negligible amount.

One on One Advertisement – The first great benefit of using the Big V Telecom review system is that it gives you a one-on-one exposure with your customers. And contrary to the popular understanding, you don’t need someone to represent you there when your customer contacts you. All you need is a good IVR system that can make the best use of the exposure by playing a pre-recorded audio advertisement to the caller. Compared to television and radio commercials, telephony advertisement has a higher degree of impact because of the attention level it manages to acquire.

Measurable Responses – When advertising with the Big V Telecom franchise complaints system, you don’t need to have a measuring stick around. The responses to the advertisement come in real time, get archived at the backend of your Big V account and ready to be used for a qualitative assessment. There are very few modes of advertisement and marketing that are as conclusive as this. Not only do you get to advertisement your brands and products through it, you also get the full response of your target audiences which you can later deconstruct for valuable data.

Widens Outreach – The Big V Telecom complaints and feedback system is designed to widen your reach to a larger crowd. The toll free calling is a great way to motivate more and more customers to get in touch with you. For obvious reasons, people find it easier to communicate their complaints, grievances and reviews with a recorded system than a real person. That gives you a window of opportunity to take on each client giving them individual attention when required. Just get the system to connect you to the callers you find necessary to attend personally, and there you have your chance to build a real relationship with your customer base.

Generates Potential Leads – Part of the functions of the Big V Telecom complaints system is to generate leads. Scour the digital data saved in the backend of the Big V account to single out potential business leads.

6 Quick Tips about Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews

Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews opens up the window for the customers to reach for their reviews and complaints. With the reviews of Big V Telecom the customers can connect 24/7 from all the locations, they know that you are just the phone call away.

The Big V Telecom Review flagship product YOCC: Your Own Calls’ Center is one of the best products for the businesses to set up the cloud-center to give the consumers a platform to voice their feedbacks, reviews and grievances.

The Big V reviews YOCC is the integrated system which take cares of all the advanced as well as basic requirements of client communication through the virtual phone number.

Let’s check out quick tips about the Big V Telecom reviews:

  • Supports Virtual Number

The dedicated franchise supports the single virtual number in unifying the various departments and employees under one roof. With the single number customers will no longer have to juggle between the departments with various other numbers until they reach the right one. The IVRS system guides the customers through out to reach the right person.

  • Database Generation

The system allows the authority to browse through all the data which is recoded by the system from the communication of an entire day, week or the month. One can check all the details of the callers.
The system also allows the authority to check the details like when the call has been made, the number of times the callers has tried to reach you, kind of feedback or complaint etc.

  • Multiple Call-Handling

The dedicated system allows to handle multiple calls simultaneously. This solves the major technical issues of congestion line and customers will not find the line busy with the Big V Telecom Reviews. As this system welcomes the customers simultaneously.

  • Customer Call Transfer

Now a days, employees crave for mobility, it won’t be possible with the traditional telephony system. As the modern system allows the mobility. With the reviews of Big V Telecom now you can have both- the great customer service and employees can also have freedom as it allows to transfer the calls which are unanswered at their desk to the different landline or mobile of employees.

  • Spammer’s Blacklist

Big V reviews offers the service of choosing the callers. If you have the spam caller and its bothering your useless sales or any other pitches, you can simply enter the number in the system blacklist will automatically decline the communication attempted from their end.

  • Unification of IVR with SMS

Neither the IVR nor SMS sis sufficient alone for the communication process. Hence, one can choose both the approach of IVR & SMS for beneficial communication. Reviews and Grievance of Big V Telecom system initiate both an automated call and shoot the SMS in response to communication or system is programmed to send out the message. If the customer respond, then the call can be initiated for direct communication.

The Big V Telecom Reviews is the great addition in the business infrastructure. It helps to make the communication process east and more effective.

Visit: today, to know more about the Franchise of Big V Telecom.

24 x 7 Customer Support And Complaint Handling With Big V Telecom

Handling the customer is becoming more important for Businesses. As customers are wholly-solely of the business. They are major factor for maintaining the brand image as well as the reputation of the company. Businesses has to treat their customer as God for their businesses. No business can ignore the customers at any cost.

Many companies operates globally with their clients and as well employees. To solve this issue of communication, Big V Telecom has come up with a solution of Cloud Telephony Solution which supports Virtual Call Center which is now replacing the concept of phone lines. Moving on to the virtual communication method is the best idea to support the client 24×7.

It Builds the Reliable Call Center

Customers prefer for one-on-one support for solving their problems. So, it is necessary to build, manage and track the call center. As traditional system fails to support the modern environment, so due to this reason many businesses got migrated over the Cloud- Network to maintain their own virtual call center.

This supports single virtual number, so that customers don’t get confused on which number they have to call. The support IVR system will guide the customer to reach to the right representative and right department. It connects different locations, departments and all the representatives under single number.

Supports All Day & Night and Without Any Location Barrier

This Cloud-Based network works 24x7x365, so customers are free to call anytime for registering their reviews or complaints. Along with this it support different locations also, so like traditional method, it has no geographical barrier. Customers can connect from anywhere around the globe.

Increases the Flexibility

The Cloud-Telephony solutions is highly flexible. As businesses can easily add up more location or if businesses need to relocate the office, then also there will be no interruption in the customer handling, they will be answered as they are answered. Also allows the businesses to manage their business from anywhere they move. This quality of Cloud Call Center is best for gathering all the business communication together in single unit.

Provides the Sticky Agent for Quick Solution

The major problem which customer face is clarifying their problem to the new representative whenever they call. Some companies saves the brief of the call, but the Cloud Network resolves this issues also. As this system knows which representative has attended the same callers so it transfers the call automatically to the same representative.

The Cloud Telephony by Big V Telecom Franchise Reviews and complaints, optimize all the business communication all together. It allows the higher authority to use the data as a future reference. The Reviews of Big V Telecom bridges the communication gap between the companies and the client as well because it opens up the new window for the client to communicate directly and at any time 24x7x365. With this advance technology clients knows that they are just a phone call away from the company.

Move Your Business Telephony on Cloud – Big V Telephony Reviews

Business Telephony was never better than it is today, with the introduction of the new feature like Cloud-Telephony and it has replaced the old method of Business telephony system. Business communication is changing over the years, as now-a-days businesses are shifting to major technological evolution of Cloud-Telephony. Before the technological advancement business were trapped in PBX system for the communication process. But today, the Cloud-Telephony solution is taking over with the virtual number for managing the business communication in company structure.

Check out the reason, why cloud telephony by Big V Telecom Reviews is the best solutions:

No Connectivity Issue with Cloud Telephony… Enjoy Multiple Location Connectivity

The Cloud Telephony service helps businesses to stay connected with all the business branches at any location just with the single number. As it connects all the different departments and locations with the numerous extensions. With the Cloud Telephony there is no barrier for the location as the cloud-hosted telephonic system like YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Center can connect at multiple location on the single number without any infrastructural cost.

No more losing of Business Opportunities

The single miss call can cost to lose the business opportunity and can also cause loss in business. But, with the Cloud-Telephony rich class features, miss call and the call waiting is almost vanished. In case, if any miss call received the system will directly send the missed call notification to the authority responsible.

No Worries for the Cost… Because it is Cost- Effective solution

Unlike the old business communication process, the cloud-telephony solutions is customizable to suit the need of the individual business. The Cloud-service Telephony doesn’t require any set-up in the infrastructure of the office. So it saves lot of time. It is the perfect platform for the diversified Tele-communication.

Can track the Efficiency of the Employees

Cloud- Telephony system provides the Mobile app and the Web interface, which allows the entrepreneurs or the senior authorities to track their workforce and call data analysis. This monitoring of call logs and voice logs enables the companies to maintain the best client servicing.

Create your Positive Brand Identity

Cloud-Telephony network helps to make the strong brand Identity which is essential for taking the business to the new level of success. When the businesses response immediately with the good support service, automatically the companies brand image gets improved in the mind of customers.

Cloud Telephony services providers in India like Big V Telecom through their product YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Center which offers many multiple language and multiple calls without any additional manpower. Also, the cloud telephony solution generate the database, record the calls on system. All the features of Cloud Telephony are easily manageable, and can be accessed remotely.

Big V Telecom complaints and Reviews services will benefit the business in more than one way. Also, it doesn’t require any infrastructural base nor extra cost for its installation process. Big V Telecom is the major player in Cloud-Telephony service. Reviews of Big V Telecom is helping the businesses to communicate easily and effectively without paying the high amount.

Great Reviews of Big V Telecom You Can Share With Your Franchise Investors

When you are choosing a telecom company and you want to choose the right one that can handle your franchisee network like a pro, the first thing businesses do is to look for online reviews about the telecom company. But when you are going through online reviews you can come across a lot of confusing materials which makes it tough to highlight the exact positives of a telecom company. In case you want to discuss a telecom company with your investors, you need to put all the right points in one place. Here are the collection of all the perks of Big V Telecom franchise review that you can show to your investors and tell them about what their services brings to the table.

A Strong Virtual Hub

A franchise business network is both profitable and tricky to manage. As there are different investors involved, it can be very difficult to manage the whole network and formulate updates through it. When many people are involved, it is difficult to keep up with the communication. If the connection is distorted, the franchisee network can come down due to misconceptions. It can inflict the whole network. Big V telecom acts as the virtual hub that keeps the communication alive through the network. Thus, strengthening its core.

Unique Advantage of Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR services are one of its kind service that is a part of Big V consumer’s complaints. This allows you to send automated calls 24/7 with all the updates and current offers across your whole network. You do not have to hire and maintain a set of staff that makes it possible. With automation in play, you can spread the information through the network easily and on a timely basis. This helps your network to work in the right direction and sell right products and services.

Powerful Connection without Interruption

The complaints of Big V Telecom fall short when it comes to the advantage of building a strong connection. Big V Telecom allows you to generate higher inbound inquiries with missed call services. This means your network will be closer than before. An innovative cloud hosted missed call number is easily added to online promotions along with the print promotions allowing you to attract targeted potential franchise partners. The whole process adds value to the franchise database.

The SMS service allows you to send bulk SMS that includes updates through your network. With updated database, it is easy to send a preloaded and prescheduled SMS.

Big V Telecom helps its clients to cut down their costs without cutting down the quality of a good network. Clients do not have to maintain a different set of staffing for handling franchise calls and communication. But that doesn’t mean that effective communication is not achieved. Although the system is automated, it always ensures that your franchisees are connected with the managers and have everything answered in detail. They will always be under the right guidance moving in profitable path together.

Reviews That You And Your Franchisee Need to Know About Big V Telecom

There are many things one has to keep in mind when looking for telecom solution provider. The telecom company should not only provide tailor made services for your business but also understand how your operations work in a more natural and efficient way.

Big V Telecom complaints and review service is designed to do exactly what you expect it to do and a little bit more. Because Big V Telecom works diligently to support your business as a partner rather than a hired service. Here are key points about Big V Telecom that you need to know.


Big V telecom consumers complaints service helps the clients to record all the consumer complaints in real time allowing the businesses to keep a track of their customers. This also helps the organisations and companies to connect well with their customers and solve their issues at a faster rate.

Apart from providing a real time in recording complaints and reviews, Big V Telecom also makes charging their clients transparent by making it real time as well. With rates and charges formulated in real time, Big V telecom is able to manage client accounts in an effective manner. This means clients can be assured that subscription management, prepaid accounts, and billing are clear and well managed. Everything happens within the stipulated time frame.

Network Planning and System Designing

This process is commonly known as provisioning. It is an essential point as it facilitates the delivery of reliability in their services and satisfies their customers at a deeper level. Big V Telecom’s cloud telephony services provides detailed call analytics that helps businesses in expertly building proper plans and strategies to help their clients in a better manner.

Records and Research

It is important for every business to knows their customers. It helps them in two ways. Firstly, Big V Telecom consumer complaints help the businesses to know what the customers think about the products and service. Secondly, it also allows businesses to conduct a research about what customers want with the help of voice recordings of every customer call.

Bulk SMS Services

The unique Big V telecom franchise review system also allows the use of bulk SMS to intimate updates to all the franchisees at one time. But you will have to keep your database updated to be ready to send both static and dynamic SMS. You can easily preload the SMS content and schedule the SMS as per your requirements.

A Virtual Contact Centre

Having a franchisee network is not easy but maintaining it is even more difficult. But thanks to dedicated hotline offered by Big V Telecom, you can not only open the channels of communication with in the franchisee network but also build faith. When it comes to franchise partners, trust and reliability are very important as they are investing their hard earned money. By building a strong connectivity, Big V Telecom strengthens the core communication channel.

Big V telecom franchise review is one of its kind service that allows you to gain total control over your network while nourishing it with trust and faith. These effective services will support your growth by boosting communication through your network.